Dreams of

Advise, Plan,
& Build

We can help you build your empire.

Sometimes, your dream home just happens to have a financial plan.

All homes are different and re recognize that some may be in the market for to build a house that someone else will call home. InVequity also assists and builds for investors in revenue properties.

We are unique in this market, as one of the few builders that have experience managing revenue properties, not just building them. We have valuable advice to give potential investors - before, during and after the buidling process.

We can:

  • Help you determine the type of revenue property that will best suit your needs including the kind of property that will:
    • Give you the best cash flow
    • Best hold its value
    • Allow for the quickest re-sale
  • Help you develop an exit strategy

InVequity provides investors with the best opportunities to take advantage of Central Alberta’s unique and profitable real estate market.

advise, build, manage